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Table 3 Definitions of variables

From: More alike than different: the Spanish and Irish labour markets before and after the crisis

n total employment (log) c private consumption (% of GDP)
l total labour force (log) fd exports-imports (% of GDP)
w real compensation per employee (log) b social security benefits (% of GDP)
u unemployment rate (ln) τi indirect taxes (% of GDP)
   po total population (log)
k real capital stock (log) z participation rate labour force working-age pop.
pr real labour productivity (log) d 96 dummy (1 in 1996-2008; 0 other)
r real long-term interest rate d 00 dummy (1 in 2000-2008; 0 other)
  1. Source: OECD Economic Outlook no 87 (2010c) and AMECO database (1999).