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Table 4 Information on final consumption, export ratios, product market regulations and barriers to entry in services

From: Growing out of the crisis: hidden assets to Greece's transition to an innovation economy

  Final Consumption (% of GDP) Exports (% of GDP) Product market regulation Barriers to entry in services
  2001-2010 avg 2001-2010 avg 2008 2008
Greece 89.38 22.33 2.3 4.0
Netherland 73.04 70.06 0.9 3.132.20
Germany 76.79 41.63 1.3 4.03.50
Finland 74.32 41.81 1.1 2.83.35
Portugal 85.1 29.38 1.4 3.53.90
  1. Source: Eurostat (2012), OECD (2008), Calculations of DIW Berlin.
  2. Product market regulation: The OECD Indicators of Product Market Regulation (PMR) are a comprehensive and internationally-comparable set of indicators that measure the degree to which policies promote or inhibit competition in areas of the product market where competition is viable. The indicators cover formal regulations in the following areas: state control of business enterprises; legal and administrative barriers to entrepreneurship; barriers to international trade and investment.
  3. Barriers to entry in services: sub-indicator of product market regulation, includes professional services: Licensing, Education requirements and Retail trade: licenses or permits needed to engage in commercial activity, specific regulation of large outlet, protection of existing firms.