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Figure 3

From: How do the unemployed search for a job? – Evidence from the EU Labour Force Survey

Figure 3

Search intensity and institutions. a) Minimum wage. b) Income inequality. c) Unemployment rate. d) PEO registration rate. e) ALMP measures. f) Employment protection. Source: Institutional indicators (y-axis) as described in Table 7, search intensity (country fixed effects, x-axis) computed from EU-LFS. – Note: The correlation coefficients and p-values (in brackets) are as follows. Minimum wage: 0.31 (0.26), income inequality (Gini coefficient): -0.38 (0.05), unemployment rate: -0.18 (0.38), PEO registration rate: 0.30 (0.14), ALMP: 0.00 (1.00), employment protection: -0.26 (0.30).

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