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Figure 4

From: How do the unemployed search for a job? – Evidence from the EU Labour Force Survey

Figure 4

Search methods and institutions. a) Income inequality, public employment office. b) Income inequality, friends. c) Unemployment rate, public employment office. d) Unemployment rate, friends. e) PEO registration rate, public employment office. f) PEO registration rate, friends. Source: Institutional indicators (y-axis) as described in Table 7, use of search methods (country fixed effects, x-axis) computed from EU-LFS. – Note: The correlation coefficients and p-values (in brackets) are as follows. Income inequality (Gini coefficient) – public employment office: -0.48 (0.01), income inequality –friends: 0.15 (0.46), unemployment – public employment office: 0.21 (0.29), unemployment –friends: -0.00 (1.00), PEO registration rate – public employment office: 0.72 (0.00), PEO registration rate – friends: -0.12 (0.57).

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