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Table 7 Source and description of institutional variables

From: How do the unemployed search for a job? – Evidence from the EU Labour Force Survey

Variables Source Description
ALMP exp.: measures/GDP Eurostat Public expenditure on labour market policy interventions; type of action: measures; expressed as a percentage of GDP.
Gini coefficient Eurostat Relationship between the cumulative shares of the population arranged according to the level of equivalised disposable income and the cumulative share of the equivalised total disposable income received by them.
PEO registration rate EU-LFS, own computation Share of unemployed (in our regression sample) that are registered with the public employment office. Computed from EU-LFS data set.
Unemp. rate Eurostat Number of unemployed as a percentage of the active labour market population; calculated with reference to the population 15–74 years old.
EP all empl OECD Employment protection overall.
Minimum wage OECD Minimum relative to average wages of full-time workers.
  1. Source: OECD (2011) and Eurostat (2011). – Notes: "EP" stands for employment protection, "ALMP" for active labour market policy, and "Exp." for expenditure. Institutional indicators are measured as mean values over the years 2006–2008. OECD data sources feature a lower number of country observations.