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Table 3 Working hours’ reduction before retirement, by labour market status

From: Hours of work and retirement behaviour

Hours’ reduction (before retirement) Employed Retired(1)
(a) Yes, I have reduced it 3.25% 20.98%
(b) No, but I intend to reduce it in the next 5 years 11.96% --
(c) No, and I have no intention to do so in the next 5 years/Did not reduce 30.37% 79.02%
(d) Will not reduce 54.41% --
Observations 3,319 1,954
  1. Source: Computations from the authors based on the “Transition to Retirement” module data, 2006. Portugal, National Statistics Office (INE) (2009), data from the Labour Force Survey in magnetic medium.
  2. Note: (1)Retired individuals that have answered “No, but intends to reduce it in the next 5 years” or “Won’t reduce” were reclassified into the category “Did not reduce” for they are already out of the labour force.