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Table 4 Content of the survey

From: The IZA evaluation dataset survey: a scientific use file

Variables Wave 1 Interim wave Wave 2 Wave 3
Cross-sectional information
Information on the initial unemployment entry x    
Individual characteristics (e.g. age, sex, region etc) x x x x
Migration and social background x x x x
Language skills x   x x
Education x    
Personality (Big-5, Locus of control) x x x x
Intergenerational transmission x x x x
Labor market networks x x x x
Household composition x x x x
Household income x x x x
Debts x   x x
Life satisfaction x x x x
Job search and reservation wage x x x x
Role of Employment Agency (job search) x x x x
Details on placement/education voucher x x x x
Benefit receipt and sanctions x x x x
Labor market activity at interview   x   
Participation in ALMP   x   
Interview-specific information (e.g. date, language) x x x x
Willingness to compromise during job searcha) x x x x
Motivation to contact Employment Agencya) x    
Health and physical conditiona) x x x x
Emotional and psychological conditionsa) x x   
Drinking and smoking behaviora) x x x x
Change of labor market networks during unemploymenta) x x x x
Personality (risk, trust, patience, reciprocity)a) x x x x
Cognitive testsa) x x x x
Daily activities and routinesa) x x x x
Personal appearancea) x x x x
Longitudinal information on labor market activities
Dependent employment x   x x
Self-employment x   x x
Unemployment x   x x
Participation in ALMP x   x x
School attendance x   x x
Professional training x   x x
Internship x   x x
Other activities x   x X
  1. a)Filled for individuals belonging to the three selected monthly cohorts who also received the interim wave (entries in unemployment in June and October 2007, and February 2008).