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Table 3 Difference in experiencing being out of work (odds ratio)

From: The effects of father’s worklessness on young adults in the UK

N = 1,158 Dissatisfied with life (s.e.)
Have a job 0.63 (0.18)
Father did not work at age 14 0.61 (0.16)
Interaction employment and father’s worklessness 2.55 (0.86)***
  1. ***: p < 0.01, weighted and controlled for gender, age, education, race, born in UK, speaking English, cohabitation, having children, having poor health, contact with father, lived home at age 16, unemployment rate at age 14, age of father, father’s education, mother’s education and employment in wave 1 on respondents whose father did not work or worked in a lower paying occupation. Standard errors are presented in parentheses.