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Table 9 Macroeconomic adjustments of the RSA reform

From: An ex ante evaluation of the Revenu de Solidarité Active by micro–macro simulation techniques

  % Variation 1
Real GDP 0.2
Involuntary unemployment rate −15.2
Labor 0.3
Capital 0.0
Real wage −0.2
Real rate of remuneration of capital 0.2
Consumer Price Index 0.0
Private consumption 0.8
Total investments −1.1
Government expenditure 0.2
Private saving rate −4.6
Public deficit/GDP −6.6
  1. Notes: 1. % Variation can refer to the percentage variation of a quantity, as for example real GDP, or to the percentage variation of a rate or ratio, as the involuntary unemployment rate.
  2. Source: our simulations using SYSIFF2006 micro–macro simulation model.