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Table 6 Descriptive statistics of outcomes measured at potential experience 6

From: Scars of early non-employment for low educated youth: evidence and policy lessons from Belgium

Variable Obs Mean Std. Dev. Min Max Label
Continuous outcomes in level  
Earnings 1902 19277.29 10978.69 1 47551 Yearly gross earnings from salaried empl.+1
Hours worked 1902 1390.923 725.0779 1 2265 Yearly hours worked in salaried empl.+1
Continuous outcomes in log  
Log earnings 1902 8.42 3.59 0 10.77 Log (yearly gross earnings from salaried empl.+1)
Log hours worked 1902 6.20 2.67 0 7.73 Log (yearly hours worked in salaried empl.+1)
Binary outcomes  
Self-empl. 1902 0.12 0.33 0 1 1 if only pos. earnings from salaried (& not self-empl)
Salaried empl. 1902 0.84 0.37 0 1 1 if registered as self-empl.
Overall empl. 1902 0.96 0.20 0 1 1 if pos.earnings from salaried or registered as self-empl.
Endogenous regressor  
Early non-empl. 1902 30.60 29.65 0 100 % hours not worked relative to FT salaried empl.
  1. The statistics are reported for the sample of interest, i.e. the low educated graduating in the period 1994–2002. The employment indicators are related as follows: s a l a r i e d e m p l o y m e n t+s e l f- e m p l o y m e n t=o v e r a l l e m p l o y m e n t. For continuous outcomes we add value one before taking the log, so that non-salaried employed at the moment of evaluation are included with outcomes equal to zero after the logarithmic transformation