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Table 2 Countries introducing measures with a positive effect on dimensions of social citizenship

From: Minimum income protection in the austerity tide

  Generosity Accessa Conditionality
  Minimum income benefit Additional allowances   
2008 IE LT ATcb BEcb LTcb PTcb UKcb ROcb,heat BEcb LT  
2009 BE BG DE HU R IE LV NO RO US ATctc BEcb DEoth FIcb FRoth HUoth IToth PTcb SIoth UKcb BG LVmip,ha BEcb FR R SIha RO
2010 AT R LVcap FIix ATcc FIoth UKcb BG heat FImip,act FR AT R RO
2011 BE DE EE SE CZha FIcb UKcb BG heat BG DE
Start 2012 CZ DE FI LT R PL SI R CZha FIoth BG heat LT R  
  1. Changes in heating allowance are indicated in italics. Often, these benefits depend on type of heating and will be provided in kind. However, sometimes parameters for access may be tied to gross benefits. DK, LU: n.a. Source: CSB-MIPI Version 3/2013 (Van Mechelen 2011)
  2. cb child-related measure, heat heating allowance, ha housing allowance, oth other, R reform of minimum income scheme, mip minimum income protection, cap benefit cap, ix indexation
  3. aOnly mentioned where respondent notes actual change