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Table 3 Countries introducing measures with a negative effect on dimensions of social citizenship

From: Minimum income protection in the austerity tide

  Generosity Accessa Conditionality
  Minimum income benefit Additional allowances   
2008    BG FR UK
2009 CZ PLix EEcb LVcb BG heat LTcb,b LV HU heat,b FR R HU R NL UK
2010 IE IT PT R ROix SIix SKix IEcb PTcb HU LTcb,b PT R ATcc,b IEcb AT BG FI PT R RO UK
2011 DEix EScap IE PTix ROix SEix SKix UKix ATcb IEcb UKcb HU heat ATcb CZcb ROmip,heat,b BG HU SI
Start 2012 ESix HU IT LT R PTix RO R SI R SKix NL CZcb IEcb ITha SIoth UKha,cb ITha RO SI R ES LV NL R UK
  1. Changes in heating allowance are indicated in italics.
  2. DK, LU: n.a. Source: CSB-MIPI Version 3/2013 (Van Mechelen 2011)
  3. cb child-related measure, heat heating allowance, ha housing allowance, oth other, R reform of minimum income scheme, mip minimum income protection, cap benefit cap, ix indexation
  4. aOnly mentioned where respondent notes actual change
  5. bActual impact on minimum income recipients depends on specific situation and interaction with means test for minimum income protection. Changes to the income threshold/means test for the particular benefit mentioned