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Table 8 Assignment of Blossfelds occupational categories to the three-digit code of the German occupational classification scheme 1988 (KldB 88)

From: Revisiting German labour market reform effects—a panel data analysis for occupational labour markets

  KldB 88—occupational orders
Occupational category Code Title
[01] AGR agrarian 11 Farmers
occupations 12 Winegrowers
  21 Livestock farmer
  22 Fish farmer
  41 Mixed crop and livestock farm labourers
  42 Livestock and dairy producers
  44 Pet groomers, animal care workers and related occupations
  51 Gardeners, horticultural and nursery growers
  53 Florists
  61 Forestry production managers, foresters and huntspersons
  62 Forestry labourers
[02 EMB simple 71 Miners
manual occupations 72 Mining shot firers and blasters
  81 Stone crushers
  82 Earth, gravel and sand quarry workers
  83 Gas and crude oil quarry workers
  91 Mineral and stone processing plant operators
  101 Stone splitters, cutters and carvers
  102 Precious-stone workers, jewel preparers
  111 Brickmakers and other stoneware makers
  112 Cement and concrete block makers
  121 Ceramics plant operators
  131 Frit makers, glass vitrifiers
  132 Hollow glassware makers
  133 Flat glass makers
  135 Glass cutters, grinders and refiners
  141 Chemical products, plant and machine operators
  143 Rubber products machine operators
  151 Plastic products machine operators
  161 Pulp and cellulose plant operators
  162 Packaging makers
  164 Other paper products machine operators
  176 Hecto- and mimeographers
  177 Printer’s hands
  181 Wood-processing plant operators
  182 Woodworking machine setters and setter operators,
   and appropriate occupations
  183 Wood products, brush and cork maker
  184 Basketry weavers and wicker worker
  191 Ore and metal furnace operators, metal melters
  192 Rolling mill operators
  193 Metal drawers and extruders
  203 Casters of semi-finished products and other mould casters
  211 Sheet metal pressers, drawer and puncher
  212 Wire moulder, cable splicers
  213 Other metal moulders non cutting deformation
  222 Metal milling cutters
  223 Metal planers
  224 Metal borers
  225 Metal grinders
  226 Other metal-cutting occupations
  231 Metal polishers
  232 Engravers, chasers
  233 Metal finishers
  234 Galvanisers, metal colourers
  235 Enamelers, zinc platers and other metal surface finishers
  241 Welder, oxy-acetylene cutters
  242 Solderers
  243 Riveters
  244 Metal bonders and other metal connectors
  263 Pipe and tube fitters
  301 Precious fitters otherwise undisclosed
  313 Electric motor, transformer fitters
  321 Electrical appliance and equipment assemblers
  322 Metal, rubber, plastic, paperboard, textile and related products assemblers
  323 Metal plant operators no further specification
  332 Spoolers, twisters, rope makers
  341 Weaving and knitting machine preparers
  342 Weavers and weaving machine operators
  343 Tufted textile, fur and leather product makers
  344 Knitters and knitting machine operators
  345 Felt and hat body makers
  346 Textile braiders
  352 Sewers and sewing machine operators
  353 Lingerie tailors and sewers
  354 Embroiderers
  355 Hatters and cap makers
  356 Sewer and sewing machine operators otherwise undisclosed
  357 Other textile product makers
  361 Textile dyer and dyeing machine operators
  362 Textile bleaching, cleaning machine operators and other finishers
  371 Tanners, catgut string makers and other leather preparing
   machine operators
  373 Shoemaking machine operators
  375 Purse, hand bag and other fineleather products makers
  376 Leather garment makers and other leather products machine operators
  377 Leather glove makers
  402 Meat- and sausage-processing machine operators
  403 Fish-processing machine operators
  412 Ready-made meal-, fruit- and vegetable-processing machine operators
  424 Tobacco preparers, product makers
  431 Dairy product machine operators, butter, lard and margarine makers
  432 Grain- and spice-milling machine operators
  433 Sugar production machine operators, chocolate, sweets and ice
   cream makers
  442 Steel fixers, concrete workers
  452 Roofers
  453 Scaffolders
  461 Pavers
  462 Road building experts
  463 Track building experts
  465 Land improvement, maintenance and hydraulic structure building experts
  466 Well, duct and other civil engineering building experts
  471 Earth-moving labourers
  472 Building construction labourers and other construction and
   maintenance labourers otherwise undisclosed
  482 Insulators and proofers
  486 Composition floor and terrazzo layers
  504 Other wood product makers, boat, glider and
   wooden sports equipment building experts
  512 Goods painters and varnishers
  513 Wood surface finishers, veneers
  514 Glass, ceramics and related decorative painters, glass engravers and etchers
  521 Products testers, sorters otherwise undisclosed
  522 Product packagers, balers, wrappers, qualifiers and other loading agents
  531 Labourers not further specified
  543 Pump, compressor, assembly line, boring and other machines operators
  544 Crane and hoist plant operators
  545 Earth-moving and related plant operators
  546 Construction plant operators
  547 Machine maintenance operators, machinists’ assistants
  548 Boiler persons, incinerators and related plant operators
  549 Machine tool setters and setter operators no further specified
[03] QMB qualified 134 Gaffer
manual occupations 142 Chemical laboratory workers
  144 Tyre vulcanisers
  163 Bookbinding workers
  171 Type setters, pre-press workers
  173 Book printers, letterpress
  174 Flat screen, gravure and intaglio printers
  175 Special, silk screen printers
  201 Moulders and core makers
  202 Casters
  221 Metal lathe operators
  251 Steel-, black-, hammersmiths and forging press workers
  252 Tank and container builders, coppersmiths and related occupations
  261 Tinsmiths
  262 Plumbers
  270 Locksmiths and fitters, not further specified
  271 Building fitters
  272 Sheet metal worker, plastics fitters
  273 Engine fitters
  274 Plant and maintenance fitters
  275 Steel construction fitters, steel ship builders
  281 Motor vehicle repairers
  282 Agricultural machinery repairers
  283 Aircraft mechanics
  284 Precision mechanics
  285 Other mechanics
  286 Watch-, clockmakers
  291 Toolmakers, instrument mechanics
  302 Precious metal smiths
  305 Musical instrument makers
  306 Doll, model makers, taxidermists
  311 Electrical fitters, mechanics
  312 Telecommunications mechanics, craftsmen
  314 Electrical appliance fitters
  315 Radio, sound equipment mechanics
  331 Spinner, fibre preparer
  351 Tailors and dressmakers
  372 Shoemakers
  374 Saddlers, truss makers and other coarse leather product makers
  378 Pelt dressers, furriers and other fur product makers
  391 Bakers and baked goods, cereal and chocolate product machine operators
  392 Pastry cooks and confectionery makers
  401 Butchers and stickers
  411 Cooks
  421 Wine coopers and other wine-processing operators
  422 Brewers, maltsters and other brewer machine operators
  423 Other beverage makers, coffee-processing machine operators,
   tasters and graders
  441 Bricklayers and masons
  451 Carpenters
  464 Shot firers and blasters except mining shot firers
  481 Stuccoers, plasterers
  483 Tile setters
  484 Stove setters and air heating fitters
  485 Glaziers
  491 Interior decorators, carpet and parquet layers
  492 Upholsterers, mattresses makers
  501 Cabinetmakers, carpenters and joiners
  502 Pattern and mould carpenters
  503 Cartwrights, wheelwrights, coopers and tubbers
  511 Construction painters, wallpaperers, varnishers
  541 Power production plant operators
  542 Winding, conveyor and ropeway machine operators
[04] TEC technicians 32 Agricultural engineers and advisors
  52 Garden and landscape architects and administrators
  303 Dental technicians
  304 Ophthalmic opticians
  601 Mechanical and automotive engineers
  602 Electrical and electronics engineers
  603 Architects, civil and structural engineers
  604 Cartographers and survey engineers
  605 Mining, metallurgy, foundry engineers
  606 Other production engineers
  607 Industrial and other operating engineers
  611 Chemists, chemical engineers
  612 Physicists, physics engineers, mathematicians
  621 Mechanical engineering technicians
  622 Electrical, electronics and telecommunications engineering technicians
  623 Civil engineering technicians
  624 Survey engineering technicians
  625 Mining, metallurgy, foundry engineering technicians
  626 Chemical and physical engineering technicians
  627 Other production technicians
  628 Industrial and other operating technicians
  629 Forepersons and other operations managers
  631 Agronomy, forestry and life science technicians
  632 Physical and mathematical science technicians
  633 Chemical science technicians
  634 Photo laboratory technicians
  635 Draftspersons
  721 Navigators, nautical ships’ officers and pilots
  722 Technical ship’s officers, engineers, technicians and machinists
  726 Aircraft pilots, flight engineers and other air traffic occupations
  733 Radio operators
  857 Medical technical, laboratory, radiological assistants
  883 Biologists, geographers, meteorologists and
   other natural scientists, otherwise undisclosed
[06] EDI simple 685 Chemist’s assistants in pharmacies
service occupations 686 Filling station attendants
  706 Cashiers, ticket agents, debt and vending machine money collectors and
   ticket inspectors
  713 Other brake, signal and switch operators, transport guides and
   conductors, fleet managers
  714 Car, taxi, bus, (heavy) truck and other motor vehicle drivers
  715 Cabby
  716 Construction and maintenance labourers: roads, dams, bridges and
   similar constructions
  723 Seagoing ships’ deck crews
  724 Inland boatmen and related ships’ decks crews
  725 Ferrymen, lockmasters, coastguards and other water traffic occupations
  741 Stocks administrators and clerks
  742 Lift, lifting-trucks and other materials handling equipment operators
  743 Longshoremen, furniture removers
  744 Stock, loading and other transport workers
  791 Factories security offices, store, hotel and other detectives
  792 Watchpersons, custodians, attendants and related workers
  793 Door-, gatekeepers and caretakers
  794 Menials, bellmen, ushers and groundkeepers
  805 Disinfectors, morticians, meat and and other health inspectors
  838 Clowns, magicians, acrobats, professional sportspersons,
   mountain guides and models
  911 Hoteliers, innkeepers, restaurateurs and management assistants in
   hotels and restaurants
  912 Waiters, waitresses, stewards, stewardesses and buspersons
  913 Porters, bartenders and other hotel and restaurant attendants
  923 Valets, chambermaids and other housekeeping attendants
  931 Launderers and ironers
  932 Textile cleaner, dyers, chemical purifiers
  933 Dishwashers, room and domestic cleaners
  934 Windows, frontages and buildings cleaners
  935 Sweepers, streets and sewerages cleaners, dustmen and
   other waste disposal workers
  936 Car washers, vehicle cleaners, car and vehicle carers
  937 Machinery, plant, tube and container cleaners
[07] QDI qualified 172 Stereotypers and electrotypers
service occupations 684 Chemists in drugstores
  704 Finance, stock, trade, ship, real estate, insurance brokers
  705 Landlords, hirers, agents, bookers, auctioneers
  711 Locomotive engine, tram and subway drivers
  712 Railway brake, signal and switch operators, shunters and
   railway guards and conductors
  801 Soldiers, border guards, police officers
  802 Firefighters
  803 Safety inspectors, trade controllers, gauging, and
   environmental protection officers
  804 Chimney sweepers
  812 Law officers
  814 Executory officers, prison guards
  831 Composers, music directors and musicians
  832 Film, stage and related directors, actors, singers and dancers
  833 Sculptors, painters, graphic and related artists
  834 Decorators, sign painters
  835 Set designer, light board, image and sound recording engineers,
   technicians and operators
  836 Interior architects, visual merchandiser
  837 Photographers, camera and retouching operators
  851 Non-medical practitioners, psychotherapists
  852 Masseurs, physiotherapists and health care professionals
  854 Paramedics and nursing auxiliary workers
  855 Dieticians, nutritionists and pharmacy technicians
  856 Doctor’s receptionists and assistants
  892 Nuns, friars and other religious associate professionals
  893 Sextons, cantors and other religious assistants
  901 Hairdressers, barbers, wigmakers and related workers
  902 Beauticians, manicurists, pedicurists and related workers
  921 Housekeepers and related workers
  922 Energy and other consumer advisors
[08] SEMI semi 821 Authors, journalists, editors and announcers
professions 822 Interpreters, translators
  823 Librarians, archivists, documentalists, curators, library and filing clerks
  853 Nurses, midwifes, nursing and midwifery associate professionals
  861 Social work, welfare, health care professionals and workers;
   geriatric nurses
  862 Housemasters, social pedagogue, deacons
  863 Employment, vocational training, study, careers advisors
  864 Kindergarten teachers, child care workers and paediatric nurses
  873 Primary, secondary school, special education teachers and
   related teaching professionals
  874 Vocational, professional college teachers and related teaching
  875 Art, music and voice teachers and related teaching professionals,
   otherwise undisclosed
  876 PE teachers, related teaching professionals, skiing and other
   sports instructors
  877 Driving, flying, hygienic and other instructors, otherwise undisclosed
[09] PROF professions 811 Judges and prosecutors
  813 Lawyers, notaries, legal representatives, advisors and other
   legal professionals
  841 Medical doctors
  842 Dentists
  843 Veterinaries
  844 Pharmacists
  871 University, college professors and related teaching professionals
  872 Grammar school teacher and related teaching professionals
  881 Economists, psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, statisticians
  882 Philologists, historians, philosophers and other humanities scientists,
   otherwise undisclosed
  891 Bishops, pastors, chaplains and other religious professionals
[10] EVB simple 682 Shop, stall and market salespersons and demonstrators
business and administrative 687 Commercial sales representatives and sales agents
occupations 732 Mail carriers, sorting clerks, porters and deliverers
  734 Telephone switchboard operators
  773 Cashiers and ticket clerks
  782 Secretaries, stenographers and typists
  783 Data entry operators
  784 Scribes and other office hands
[11] QVB qualified 31 Agricultural production manager
business and administrative 681 Wholesaler, retail salespersons and buying agents
occupations 683 Publishers, management assistants in publishing and booksellers
  691 Banking experts including tellers, finance clerks as well as finance
   dealers and brokers
  692 Building society experts including representatives as well as clerks
  693 Health insurance experts including representatives as well as clerks,
   not social security
  694 Life, property insurance experts including representative as well as clerks
  701 Logistics managers and transport clerks
  702 Travel agency clerks, attendants, stewards, consultants, organisers
   and guides
  703 Advertising and public relations experts
  771 Calculators, calculating and counting clerks
  772 Bookkeepers
  774 Computer scientists, equipment operators, computing and
   data processing professionals
  781 Office clerks, otherwise undisclosed
[12] MAN manager 751 Entrepreneurs, managing directors and division managers
  752 Management personnel and other business consultants
  753 Financial, tax accountants and accounting clerks
  762 Senior and administrative state officials
  763 Senior and administrative officials of humanitarian and
   other special-interest organisations
[00] not assignable 982 Interns, volunteer with occupation remaining to be specified
  983 Job-seekers with occupation remaining to be specified
  991 Labourers not further specified