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Table 5 The origin and status of the BSSAs

From: Do bilateral social security agreements deliver on the portability of pensions and health care benefits? A summary policy paper on four migration corridors between EU and non-EU member states

  Date of first BSSA Date of current BSSA Envisaged revision
Austria-Turkey 1966 2000, unchanged except family allowance 1966 BSSA terminated in 1996 Not at the moment
Germany-Turkey 1964 1984 Suppl. Aide Memoire (AM), 1974 Interim AM, 1969 Changing AM Not at the moment
Belgium-Morocco 1968 May 2014, with Administrative Agreement, effective as of May 1 Partial revision under implementation
France-Morocco 1965 May 2011, with convention as of October 2007 Revision under implementation
  1. Source: Holzmann et al. 2016a, 2016b, 2016c, 2016d