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Table 8 Minimum income guarantee in old age (€ (rounded) per month as of January 2016)

From: Do bilateral social security agreements deliver on the portability of pensions and health care benefits? A summary policy paper on four migration corridors between EU and non-EU member states

Country Max guarantee single Max guarantee couple Example transfer for couplea Comments
Austria 883 1324 854 Paid 14 timesc
Germanyb 819 1143 673 Paid 12 times
Belgium 688 1032 562 Paid 12 times
France 800 1242 772 Paid 12 times
  1. Source: Author, based on information provided on the websites of national social security institutions
  2. aAssuming uniformity of own income/pension (net of health contributions) of €470 per month in each country
  3. bCalculated on basic consumption need of €404 (728) plus acceptable rental costs (€345) and heating costs (€70) per month
  4. cAustrian salaries and pensions are paid with two extra installments per year (typically for June and December or a half month addition every quarter) and taxed at a low flat rate of 6 % (for singles)