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Table 5 Model results allowing asymmetry in the male discouraged worker rate equation

From: The impact of easy and early access to old-age benefits on exits from the labour market: a macro-micro analysis

Male discouraged worker rate (45+)
  Coefficient Standard error
Intercept 0.016b 0.001
cumulated+ 0.014a 0.006
cumulated 0.006a 0.002
ρ 0.641b 0.111
\( {\overline{R}}^2 \) 0.574  
ADF (p value) −6.869 (0.00)  
Wald test for the asymmetry response (p value) 1.842 (0.07)  
  1. Data seasonally adjusted. Dependent variable: quarterly male discouraged worker rate (45+). ρ represents the AR(1) coefficient in the error term
  2. asignificant at the 5% level; bsignificant at the 1% level
  3. Source: authors’ calculations; data sources: LFS and Central Statistical Office Poland