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Table 4 Marginal effects: a comparison with neighbouring countries

From: Labour force participation elasticities and the move away from a flat tax: the case of Slovakia

  Females Males All individuals
Slovakia (authors’ calculations)
 Gains to work (logGTW) 0.12 0.08 0.10
 Non-labour income (logNY) −0.04 −0.04 −0.04
Czech Republic (Bicakova et al. 2011)
 Effective net wage 0.06 0.01  
 Other income −0.04 −0.01  
Czech Republic (Galuscak and Katay 2014)
 Gains to work    0.27
 Non-labour income    −0.10
Hungary (Benczur et al. 2014)
 Gains to work    0.29
 Non-labour income    −0.30
  1. Note: Average marginal effects (Slovakia); marginal effects at sample means (Czech Republic, Hungary)