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Table 8 Relationship between wage inequality and wage-setting institutions, employed persons, 2011

From: Wage inequality, skill inequality, and employment: evidence and policy lessons from PIAAC

Institutions/inequality Minimum wage Union density Union membership Bargaining coordination Comprehensiveness indexb
COV −0.65a −0.78a −0.63a −0.84a −0.78a
D9/D1 −0.70a −0.85a −0.61a −0.71a −0.62a
D9/D5 −0.72a −0.71a −0.61a −0.86a −0.76a
D5/D1 −0.43a −0.67a −0.38a −0.37a −0.32a
Gini −0.66a −0.87a −0.69a −0.78a −0.72a
  1. Source: institutions from Schumpeter School International Comparative Institutions Database, for details, see (Jovicic 2015). Wage Inequality from PIAAC
  2. aRepresents 1% significance level
  3. bComprehensiveness index corresponds to product of bargaining level and bargaining coverage (see Schettkat 2003)